A unique firm that integrates legal, technical, and regulatory expertise to offer innovative environmental solutions.

Hall & Associates is a recognized leader in the resolution of complex CWA compliance issues. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that NPDES programs establish cost-effective pollution reduction requirements based upon the best available scientific information. As regulatory consultant and special counsel to the dischargers of treated effluent, the firm has addressed conventional pollutant, nutrient, and toxics permitting/enforcement issues in all EPA Regions. The firm has worked in over 40 states and at EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The firm has effectively addressed numerous state and federal enforcement actions, including citizen suits. Through coalition efforts, firm members have obtained nationwide/state approval of modified standards and innovative compliance evaluation methods (including pollution trading programs). These efforts have saved billions of dollars for the regulated community.

Over 30 years' experience in:

NPDES Permit Compliance and Enforcement TMDL/WLA Development and Review Pretreatment Program Development/Review
CSO and Wet Weather Permitting
Environmental Litigation Water Quality Criteria Development/Review
Legislative Issue Oversight and Resolution
Watershed Planning Coalition Building Watershed Trading Program Development/Management
Environmental Impact Assessment Using Advanced Analytic Methods