NPDES Permit Compliance and Enforcement

Hall & Associates provides a full range of services for all aspects of the NPDES program. These services include review and development of permit applications, permit issuance negotiation and appeal of any provisions considered inappropriate or unnecessary to maintain compliance with applicable rules.

The Firm has provided NPDES permit services in over 40 states and has an excellent record of successful resolution of permittee concerns. Key components of such representation include ensuring that water quality-based permit limitations are correctly derived and applied, and the establishment of appropriate schedules of compliance for construction of new facilities. The Firm assists in negotiating federal and state consent decrees, defending enforcement actions (including citizen suits), response to 308 and 309 Orders. Counsel is also provided on options to limit NPDES liability through modification of applicable requirements and inclusion of special conditions to resolve data uncertainties.

Wet weather compliance is a major area of practice for the firm. Such services include: developing compliance strategies for CSO and SSO communities, authorization for blending, long term control plan review/implementation, bypass rule application and authorization for anticipated bypass, secondary treatment percent removal waivers for weak influent wastewater.